Monday, March 21, 2011

Charles in Charge, Pollard Hires Winners, Rango

  • One sign how much the quality of NCAA basketball suffers with the one-and-done players is all the mental mistakes at crunch time. I feel like we saw more in one weekend than we used to see in ten years. Is it different, or are we just more aware with HD, multiple camera angles, and super slo-mo?
  • If your bracket is not blown to bits right now, you're either really lucky or really good.
  • As far as I'm concerned, networks should have Charles Barkley comment on everything.
  • Harrison Barnes is showing why he was a pre-season All-America. It was hard to have him leave our state, but under the circumstances, who could blame him.
  • Jamie Pollard hired national championship coaches in football and wrestling. Pollard has an eye for talent. Unfortunately for Iowa State, Gene Chizik and Cael Sanderson won those titles after leaving Ames unexpectedly.
  • Iowa vs Gonzaga was the most entertaining women's basketball game I saw all season.
  • And to think I always thought Dionne Warwick seemed like a really nice lady.
  • Saw Rango this weekend. Good, not great, and some of the ugliest creatures in the history of animated movies. There's also a snake bound to give kids under 5 nightmares.

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