Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IC Ticket, KF Blasts Media, Bull-crap


It's nice to see things are back to normal in Iowa City. Yes, the IceBorg officially became a member of the Iowa media, today, when he was ticketed in the station car for parking by the Iowa football offices. Other than that, nothing new over there at Iowa. Kirk Ferentz did the expected by calling out the national media for its handling of "Rabdo-Gate". He called them a bunch of "drive-by shooters". I can't argue with him, too much. There were some members of the media (mostly national) that were blowing things a little bit out of proportion. But, let's not forget, Iowa has the only football program in the nation that had to hospitalize 13 players at once.

What I don't get is how the committee said the squat exercise was to blame, while placing no blame on anyone at the U of I. Didn't a trainer or strength coach order the players to squat? If the squat is the problem, then the person making the orders is also a problem. I'm not saying he should be fired, but I'm a bit confused as to how there was no fault found with anyone.

Brandon Wegher is no longer a Sooner --- come to think of it, I'm not even sure he was in Oklahoma long enough to be considered a Sooner. The former Hawkeye left the program, this week. OU head coach Bob Stoops seems pretty bent out of shape about it: “We’ve got a few backs as it is,” Stoops said, “so we’ll be OK.” Next stop; Grand View University?

Kirk Ferentz was, again, asked if he would allow Adam Robinson back on the team. Ferentz, again, said he hadn't given it a thought. A-Rob is still enrolled at Iowa despite being kicked off the team in January. If he ever wears the black and gold (yellow) again, I'll be stunned.

Missouri head basketball coach Mike Anderson is rumored to be leaving Columbia, for Fayetteville. Andy and I were having a discussion as to whether or not that's a step up, or down. Andy thinks it's a step down, but I think it's lateral at worst. Arkansas is just 15 years removed from its two-year run as a national champion, and a runner-up. Missouri, on the other hand, has never made the Final Four. Missou has done more lately, but Arkansas has better tradition. The question is, who would you rather recruit against? Kansas, or Kentucky? Pick your poison. I think it's a good move. The dude can coach.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I hadn't seen this Rebecca Black video until today:  Apparently, it's been the talk of the twitterverse since last week, but I somehow missed it. The singing is horrid, but the writing is even worse. It turns out that Black didn't even write it...she hired a songwriter. Must be the same guy that wrote the movie Gigli.

The Bulls are in first place in the Eastern Conference. If Mediacom didn't employ a bunch of St. Louis Cardinals lovers, I might actually get to watch a game. FSN Midwest over Comcast Chicago? Cardinals vs. Cubs, Blues vs. Blackhawks, Rams vs. Bears...please it's no contest. If I wasn't in an apartment that faced only British Parliament satellites, I'd have DirecTV in a heartbreak. That's my number one reason for wanting to buy a house.


Anonymous said...

It was also recorded by Bob Dylan.

Anonymous said...

The sad, sad thing is that Rebecca Black has been (and may still be, I haven't checked) the victim of some horrid ramifications...someone out there was trying to find her home address and had already gotten the address and number for her middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! It might not be great music, but, seriously???

As far as the U of I players go...someone gave them the routine that "caused" this....if all it boils down to is someone who pushed them a bit too far, then that someone is still "to blame" and, I'm assuming, should have known better.