Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Longhorn Network, Announcer Fail, Game-week

By Chris Hassel

I'm following the Iowa State basketball game on Twitter. This absolutely sucks. I remember when every Iowa and ISU basketball game was televised by a local station. Now, with the Big Ten Network putting a bunch of games on its website, and Mediacom not carrying ESPNU on its regular digital cable package, we're seeing less games than ever. How can this be!?
On the Murph n Andy show, today, Andy said that someone told him 15 years ago that in the future, "Only the rich will be able to attend games. Only the wealthy will be able to watch them. And the rest of us will be S-O-L." That seems to be the direction we're headed. It's January 24, 2012. How bad is it going to be 15 years from now? I'm pining for the good ol' days.

It seems like the Hawkeyes haven't played in weeks. Between the team being off for 9 days, and my week-long trip to Mexico, I haven't seen them play in nearly 3 weeks. Iowa hosts Nebraska on Thursday. That game doesn't excite me in the least. Nebraska is a miserable basketball school. In fact, all you have to do is ask a Nebraska fan about their basketball team, and they'll start bragging about Creighton.

I'm going to the Drake-Creighton game Wednesday night. I'm excited to see Doug McDermott. I hope he puts up 45 in a losing effort.

Right now, everyone in the newsroom is gathered around the TV watching the State of the Union Address. I kind of wish that was on the Longhorn Network.

Prince Fielder just signed a 9-yr, $214 million deal, with  the Tigers. He's reportedly celebrating by taking his entire family out to eat at the best salad bar in Detroit.
This is the most exciting boxing match you will ever see (warning profanity) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InEETt4GNOk

It's Pro Bowl Week!

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Anonymous said...

Finally found a video feed second half on "JustinTV". You were probably better off not watching it...it was painful.