Friday, February 11, 2011

Cavs Win, Allen's Wisdom, Pinewood Derby

  • The Cavaliers long nightmare ends. Cavs win their first game in 55 days with a win over the Clippers. Apparently LeBron really was the MVP last year.
  • Love this quote from Ray Allen, courtesy of Nick Nurse: "A lot of people always say to me...God sure blessed you with an amazing talent to shoot the ball. My answer most of the time is to say thank you, but when I really think about it, God doesn't really care at all about how I shoot or whether or not we win."

    'It's about the time I have put in and continue to put in working on my shooting. The amount of shots I have taken and continue to take on a daily basis would probably stagger most people." Amen. No wonder he played Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game.
  • NASCAR puts Des Moines native Michael Annett on probation for the entire season. Annett says it's a life-changing experience, and I hope it is. Ramming into another car while allegedly four times drunker than the legal limit, and texting, then resisting arrest... that should be a wake-up call.
  • Andy Fales worries about Albert Pujols' contract EVERY DAY.
  • Can you believe state wrestling is Wednesday? Get ready for cars going the wrong way in downtown Des Moines. Always happens.
  • I'm going to my sons' Pinewood Derby tomorrow. Fortunately, Grandpa helped build the cars.

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