Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dogs Hunker Down, Twins Win, Party

  • Wake me when there's actually something to a Carmelo Anthony trade rumor.
  • How 'bout them Dogs?! Three straight wins for Drake, this one over the Fighting McDermotts.
  • As feared, UNI appears done without the heartbeat of Lucas O'Rear.
  • Chris Hassel set the over/under fans mark at the Twins Winter Caravan stop in Des Moines at four. Several hundred Twins fans showed. Another loss for Hassel Dazzle Productions.
  • Jack Morris looked like he could still pitch game 7.
  • Morris and the Twins stopped at Blank Children's Hospital. That's a great way to win more fans.
  • The Hawkeye Huddle at 7-Flags featured recruiting night with coordinator Eric Johnson. People either get into recruiting or they don't. I'm a don't.
  • The Dowling girls put a scare into #1 Des Moines East. A scare, but not a loss.
  • Packers fans haven't planned Wednesday's party yet, but I'm sure they'll come up with something.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Actually 4 is the number of Royals fans left in Des Moines. It was 5 but i have joined the Twins bandwagon, the caravan was great tonight