Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kansas Falls, So Do I

  • Well, that won't last long. #1 Kansas looked, as Bob Knight said, a little full of itself Monday night and got deflated at Kansas State. The Wildcats thumped the Jayhawks.
  • I just surfed across the Shawshank Redemption, and even though I own it on DVD (who doesn't?), I'm now watching it even with the endless AMC commercial breaks. It's like coming across a song on the radio, and getting excited, even though you have the song in your iPod or on CD. It's all about the validation of the surfing discovery.
  • I ate my first heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's Day. It did seem to taste sweeter.
  • Listen to Ed. Monday night after the aforementioned heart-shaped pizza feed, I jogged out of the house and busted my butt on some sidewalk black ice. I thought it was still slush, but the temp dropped, and it was slick. I wrenched my knee and am now limping around like Kirk Gibson in '88.
  • There is some good basketball being played at Grand View University. It's an overlooked, affordable source of sports entertainment.

1 comment:

Anthill_Goddess said...

Heart-shaped pizza will get you, every time!

And, btw, OUCH! Sorry about the spill!