Monday, February 21, 2011

Daytona Lovebugs, Griffin Jams, No Doubting Brands

  • The Daytona 500 was mostly boring. Way too many caution flags, cars drafting like lovebugs, and not enough exciting passes.
  • Is a 20-year old rookie winning the Great American Race good or bad for NASCAR? I'd say bad. NASCAR fans know who Bayne is but casual fans have no idea. They likely would find a known star winning more interesting.
  • I found the NBA All-Star weekend entertaining. The slam dunk contest was one of the best ever. Blake Griffin jumped over a car, though that wasn't his best dunk, it was just the best presentation. It's good Griffin was exciting while dunking because he was nearly asleep during his interviews.
  • Kobe Bryant wins MVP for the fourth time. Kobe loves a stage.
  • As soon as the refs waved off Bryce Cartwright's half court buzzer beater, I expected Iowa would lose to Michigan by two---been that kind of year. I was wrong. Iowa lost in OT.
  • The Cyclones are worn out.
  • Who didn't think Tom Brands would coach Iowa to another Big Ten title? If you believed that, you haven't paid attention.
  • We played Johnston High School's dance---which I think originated at UNI---on SoundOff. No more email requests, PLEASE! Thank you.
  • The emails keep coming on the state wrestling controversy. People know how they feel on this one, and too many think you should feel the same way.

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Adam Wood said...

The best thing that could have happened to NASCAR was Earnhardt Jr. winning a thrilling race with a last lap pass winning by the closest margin in series history. We were about 5 laps short of that happening.