Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hawkeye Hoops, Ferentz Shines, Steele Jantz

  • -2 on the drive home.
  • I know Tom Izzo is frustrated with his back-to-back Final Four Spartans, but I did not see a 20 point loss to Iowa coming. Iowa just flat out thumped Michigan State. At one point, Iowa made 10 shots in a row, and from all angles. I haven't seen Iowa look this good in years. Or Michigan State this bad.
  • Drake made 16 threes while shooting down Southern Illinois. No telling what to expect from the young Bulldogs. They can be really good, or bad.
  • It's 8 straight now for UNI.
  • Kirk Ferentz had a rough week, but a good day. Wednesday Ferentz said all the right things, and showed the leadership the Hawkeye faithful have come to expect from him. It was a week late, and Ferentz realizes that, but better late than never. In this case, much better.
  • Talk from fans that the media created this story because Ferentz failed to cater to reporters is just plain silly. 13 hospitalized football players and the need for leadership from the top is not a media creation.
  • National Football Signing Day is a holiday for some, but not me. Super Bowl Sunday, different story.
  • Iowa had a top 25 recruiting class, so rhabdogate (isn't "gate" overused?) didn't hurt.
  • We had our first interview with new Cyclone quarterback Steele Jantz. If this guy lives up to the hype, and his name, it's going to be a fun ride.

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