Monday, February 07, 2011

Denial Done, Drunk Driving, Doritos Drivel

  • Just hit me hard, the football season is really over. It gets harder every year.
  • Super Bowl XLV was the most watched television show in history. The NFL has never been more popular. Is there any way the players and owners are foolish enough to shut down the golden goose?
  • Des Moines native Michael Annett had a really bad Sunday morning. North Carolina police arrested the NASCAR driver for OWI after he blew a 0.32---four times the legal limit. Annett apologized, but he faces sanctions from Rusty Wallace Racing. If Annett loses his license can he still drive in a Nationwide race? (He won't, and he can.)
  • Christina Aguilera is guilty of over-singing, but she didn't burn a flag or rip up the constitution. She forgot the lyrics. It's unfortunate, but forgivable.
  • Harry's Law is over-the-top ridiculous but undeniably watchable.
  • Looking forward to the Chicago Code. 
  • I'm still not over that creepy Doritos commercial where the guy gets his fingers licked.

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