Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fales Mopes, Northrup Talks, Wedel Stars

  • It makes no sense how much many of us care about our professional sports teams, but we do. Andy Fales was down all day after learning Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright has a serious elbow injury. The way Andy sees it, his entire spring and summer just got a lot less enjoyable.
  • The NBA is more interesting when the Knicks matter. Melo and Amare are a good start.
  • Jazz fans lost both faces of their franchise this month, Derron Williams and Jerry Sloan. Now I guess all Utah has it its jazz music. Oh, that's right. The nickname makes no sense. (Utah relocated from New Orleans, where the Jazz did make sense.)
  • Joel Northrup, the boy who refused to wrestle a girl, made television appearances across several networks Wednesday morning. Northrup was impressive and consistent, though we didn't really learn anything new.
  • Drake's Ryan Wedel saved the best game of his Bulldog career for Senior Night. 29 points and two really proud parents. (Check birthday boy Shawn Terrell's story in our video player.)
  • Didn't take long for Charles Zanders to turn Simpson men's basketball around. Zanders coached Hoover to a state title five years ago, and he has the Storm headed in the right direction.
  • Hall Pass could be really funny or really silly, but either way, I'm in. I'd rank the Farrelly Brothers movies in this order: 1 Dumb & Dumber 2 Something About Mary 3 Kingpin and 4 the underrated Outside Providence

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