Friday, February 26, 2010

Ames Haters, Ohno Takes Fall, Fallon=Late Night

  • I remember being at the Ames High-Iowa Energy tripleheader a few weeks ago. Some nice kids from Johnston guaranteed the Dragons would take down Harrison Barnes and the Little Cyclones at State. Not gonna happen. Johnston didn't even make it to the substate final after a Friday night upset by the young Ankeny Hawks. March Madness begins in February. Anything can happen, even to a good team like Johnston.
  • Ames' success inspires jealousy. I received a passionate email today about Linn Mar being better than Ames. The writer predicted Ames will fall. Hey, I don't have a dog in the fight, but I'll be shocked if Ames loses. Little Cyclones won their substate final by 42. That's ridiculous.
  • Apolo Ohno has plenty of medals (8), but he should have one more. Ohno didn't push anyone down. Those speed-skaters put a hand on the back/butt of the skater in front of them all the time. Dude fell, but Ohno took the fall.
  • Team USA absolutely punked Finland. I have no Finland hate, I don't even know Finland, but those first few minutes were fun. It was like video game hockey.
  • Canada hung on as Slovakia kept the pressure dialed up to 11. Awesome finish. Can't wait for the gold medal game here on channel 13 Sunday at 2 p.m. I think Canada wins the rematch, but I'll be wearing the red, white, and blue, yelling at the TV. I hope you will too. (Tickets to the game in Vancouver are going for more than $4,000.)
  • The Canadian women celebrated their hockey gold like a college fraternity winning the Greek Olympics. Some hated it, others loved it. It was a little much, but there are worse things than appearing really excited you accomplished your ultimate goal.
  • Alison Lacey's parents travel 9,000 miles, 24 hours from Australia to Ames, to see their daughter play for Iowa State. Moms & dads are like that.
  • The Iowa Energy is the first NBA D-League team to wear pink uniforms in the fight against breast cancer. Think Pink Saturday night against Sioux Falls. I'll be there.
  • NBC postponed the start of local news 15 minutes Friday night for a shameless Jimmy Fallon promo with a piano playing Bob Costas. At least Fallon was funny. If I weren't anxious to go home, I would have enjoyed it more. Then again, Fallon=Late Night, and he proved it.
  • Our family ate at J. Benjamins tonight. It was A+ all the way around, from service to food to atmosphere.
  • Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy Shawn and Chris!

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