Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hawkeyes Not On ESPN Classic, Kim Yu-Na Rules

  • ESPN won't be adding Thursday night's Iowa vs Northwestern basketball game to ESPN Classic anytime soon. Iowa didn't play for a week, and still somehow came out flat and unprepared. The game felt over five minutes in, and it's a step back for an Iowa team that had shown a pulse recently.
  • USA Today featured a front page story on Steve Alford. Alford has coached New Mexico to a 23-3 record. He took a mild swipe at Iowa, but nothing harsh. He's right when saying New Mexico  is a basketball school and Iowa isn't. Getting worse too.
  • No team in our state gives better effort night in night out than Bill Fennelly's Cyclones. A team picked for the bottom half of the Big 12 is now #15 in the nation with 21 wins. 
  •  I don't know much about figure skating, but even an amateur observer like me can see South Korea's Kim Yu-Na is far better than anyone else. She wins the gold with the pressure of a nation riding her small shoulders. Bravo.
  • Ozzie Guillen is now on Twitter. I wonder if he has a filter between his thoughts and his fingers. He certainly doesn't have one before words reach his mouth, and I love it. Lou Piniella responded---and I'm not making this up---"What is Twitter?"
  • I guess we know why the McGwire brothers don't speak.
  • Look for MLB players to fight testing for HGH with all their might. Why? Because many are on it, still cheating.
  • I can't wait for USA vs. Finland hockey Friday at 2 p.m. here on channel 13 in HD. (If you're reading this after the game, I hope we'll see Team USA skate for gold Sunday afternoon.)
  • Why are so many columnists calling for Tiger Woods suspension from the PGA? I lost a lot of respect for the guy too, but if you start suspending professional athletes for infidelity, you'll have to start postponing games too.
  • "Scores" adult entertainment club is calling for a new Olympic sport: Pole Dancing.  
  • "Cop Out" stars two of my favorite actors, Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis, but early reviews suggest it's another Kevin Smith stinkbomb.
  • The Iowa Energy will wear pink uniforms Saturday night to support the fight against breast cancer. This idea has played out everywhere this month. I hope to be there Saturday night right after our daytime glow in the dark bowling birthday party at Air-Lanes. It's not for me.
  • Speaking of bowling, I couldn't believe how good the high school bowlers at State are. (see video in sports player) It seems like every kid at Plaza Lanes rolled 200 or higher. 

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