Thursday, February 11, 2010

  • Nice win, Iowa. The Hawks get a little payback for football. Northwestern has never been to the NCAA tournament, and the Wildcats won't make it now.
  • Hard to believe, but Iowa's win over Northwestern was the first over a top 100 team by the Hawks or Cyclones this season. Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register came on the Murph & Andy show Wednesday and said Iowa and ISU were oh for the season vs the RPI 100. That's all it took!
  • Iowa State is Groundhog Day. Cyclones hang, fade, lose. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Drake did everything it could to upset UNI, but it's just a mismatch. The Panthers are too experienced, physical, and good. UNI is 22-2. That's a season.
  • The USA's golden girl for the upcoming Olympics says she might not ski. Lindsey Vonn has a bruised shin. NBC is willing to send ice, ibuprofen, and whatever else is needed.
  • American Idol barely holds my interest during Hollywood Week. Too many people we don't know, therefore don't care. It is an improvement over the auditions, though I am always fascinated by people who can't sing but think they can. You ever been to Karaoke? You know what I mean. I try not to sing in the shower so I don't offend the tile.
  • Here's what I learned from Tana on the radio today: Even if your wife/girlfriend says, "Please don't get me anything for Valentine's Day. I mean it. I really don't want anything." She doesn't mean it. Get her something. 


Anonymous said...

Murphy; you, along with a lot of other media critics, killed Lebron James last year for walking off the court in the playoffs without shaking anyone's hands and actually called him a bad guy. In fact, you were so adament that he was such a poor sport that you told me I was DEAD wrong for disagreeing. Well, Peyton Manning did the same thing at the Super Bowl. Where is the outrage and criticism for Peyton???

Yeah, it's pretty obvious why, but I don't expect you, or any other media member for that matter, to admit it.

Keith Murphy said...

You're right, it's been underplayed because this is the first I've heard of it.

Is that true? Did Peyton exit without a shake? I had already bolted back to my computer to work on the show.

If true, it's bad sportsmanship, regardless of reason, though some would argue football team exits are different from basketball.

If Peyton gives an interview refusing to acknowledge he did anything wrong, ala Lebron, I'll really be disappointed.

Good topic.


Tim + Janice said...

"your wife/girlfriend says, "Please don't get me anything for Valentine's Day. I mean it. I really don't want anything." She doesn't mean it. Get her something.......

hee hee got that right...

Anonymous said...

Murh, you should be into American Idol this year because West Des Moines' own Katelyn Epperly is still going strong! Shawn Johnson wins gold at Olympics and although not as big, Epperly could win American Idol. She is rumored to have made top 24! I don't really get into AI much but with a true Iowan involved I'm making time!

Anonymous said...

Manning gets a pass, yet the vile couldn't come out quick enough for Lebron. If that ain't a double standard, I do not know what one is.