Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's the name of the kid who used beat me down the hill?

  • When I was a little boy in Vermont I used to ski race on the slopes of Mt. Snow. I loved it. My sister, Barbara, always won a gold medal, but I never won gold. There was this one kid, no matter how fast I skied, he would ski a little faster. I thought I'd never forget his name, but as I sit here tonight, I can't remember. I'll just call him "winner"...or  "dream smasher".
  • I digress. Can't wait for the Winter Olympics. There are many reasons, but at the top of the list: HD. It's all going to be in HD! I remember four years ago going back to master control at the TV station where there was one small high def television. We would watch the hockey and be amazed how much it looked like watching a game live through a window. We have more HD sets now, and more on the way, but none in the sports office yet. I'll find a way, or hang out in the weather office for two weeks.
  • I'll be stunned if golden girl Lindsey Vonn doesn't ski.
  • Is there any way the opening ceremonies in Vancouver can live up to Beijing? In a word, no.
  • Des Moines Christian's Branden Stubbs passed the 2,000 point mark Thursday night. That's a serious milestone.
  • The Big Ten wants Texas? Who wouldn't want Texas. Can't see it happening though.
  • Bo Eason came by KXNO and WHO-TV today. The former Houston Oiler performs a one-man play he wrote that has blown away Leonardo Dicaprio, Frank Darabont, Rosie O'Donnell and others (how's that for an eclectic group). It's called "Runt of the Litter" and it's at the Civic Center's Temple Theater. I'm going to try and see it this weekend.
  • My wife and I ate at Jesse's Embers tonight. Man, that's good steak. I brought the leftovers back for Andy and he didn't even warm it up. He woofed it down faster than a stray dog. It was kind of gross to watch.
  • Shawn Johnson hasn't competed in 18 months, but she remains one of America's most marketable athletes. The latest... she's in the famous "got milk?" campaign.

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