Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Z's Reception, Tiger's Mojo, Inception Reception

  • Andy and I had an interesting discussion today: Should Cubs fans boo Carlos Zambrano in Des Moines? He's costing the team a fortune, underperforming, and disruptive in the clubhouse. I still say fans should not boo. He's our guest, a former I-Cub, and we're above booing. I'd be surprised if Z receives a rude welcome.
  • Michael Jordan is right when he says he wouldn't move to join other elite players in pursuit of a championship. He's just too competitive. LeBron isn't like that. If he were, he wouldn't have quit against the Celtics.
  • Tiger Woods needs his swagger, his mojo, his aura of invincibility. Without it, he suffers, and so does golf---though many enjoy both.
  • Props to the folks running girls state softball. It can rain sideways for an hour, and they still get those fields ready.
  • I made two good local discoveries this weekend: The rooftop at Tally's, and El Bait Shop. Who doesn't love hanging out with friends on a rooftop? And El Bait Shop has the best draft beer selection I've ever seen.
  • I really wanted to see "Inception", but I just couldn't get into it. The eye-popping visuals were great, the acting top notch, and the musical score made it all seem important, but the story is just too esoteric, weird, and far-fetched for me. I didn't like it. My wife wanted to stab herself in the eye with a fork. It should be noted everyone else I've talked to who's seen Inception loved it.
  • A-Rod will soon hit 600. I couldn't care less. He cheated for years. It's an artificial number. Quick, how many home runs did Barry Bonds end up with?... It's 762, but no one cares. 755 and 714 are still the real numbers.

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