Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sims Punishment, WWTD, Defending Miss Iowa

  • Iowa State football star David Sims is innocent until proven guilty, but coach Paul Rhoads expression of "deep disappointment in Sims' actions" is a clear indicator Rhoads believes Sims was charged with fifth degree theft---unauthorized use of a credit card---for a reason. At this point, Rhoads is saying discipline will be handled internally, but I think Rhoads has to suspend Sims for at least one game.
  • Ochocinco and T-O on the same team? Why don't the Bengals also sign The Situation, Spencer Pratt, and Tana Goertz. Let's make this reality show really worth watching.
  • What Would Jesus Do? I doubt he'd endorse tighty-whiteys, but Tim Tebow is. Tebow's the new spokesperson for Jockey underwear.
  • I'm a failure at wearing contacts. I just can't put my finger on my eye. My wife, Jenny, does it like she's casually touching her nose. She blinks less than a goldfish. I blink like I just walked into a techno club.
  • Miguel Batista says fans expecting to see Stephen Strasburg pitch Tuesday night, but had to settle for Batista must have felt like they went to see Miss Universe, but ended up with Miss Iowa. Hey! Miss Iowa is beautiful. (Isn't she? I don't know. I'm guessing here. Standing up for the lovely women of Iowa.)
  • Eminem's new album is #1 for weeks on end for a reason. It's great. Once the rapper releases "Won't Back Down" with Pink, you can excpect to hear that song at sporting events and game telecasts for months.
  • Denis Leary hitting rock bottom on Rescue Me Tuesday night was some of the finest acting I've seen on television this year. Leary deserves more respect. The Ref is an underrated movie too.
  • Too bad no one is watching NBC's Persons Unknown. It's actually good. NBC has served up a lot of crap the past few years, so I guess the network will have to earn back the benefit of the doubt.
  • Speaking of quality on NBC, I just caught up with the latest season of Friday Night Lights on my DVR. Phenomenal. Nice to see the Taylors finally receive much deserved Emmy nods. No show is doing a better job of showing the struggle of lower income people in this bad economy.
  • We're working hard to try and find a picture of Andy in a Boy Scouts uniform. This, I've got to see.

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WindBreak247 said...

Wow, Keith, I never pictured you as an Eminem fan. But on the other hand, its not a huge surprise. I agree with your sentiments, though. Great to have Eminem back after a couple of albums I just couldn't get into as much.

This has been a great season of FNL. I really have liked the Tim Riggins eternal struggle with who he's going to be storyline.