Sunday, July 25, 2010

Landsee Returns, 'Z' Must Apologize, Don Draper

Bob Landsee returned to Wells Fargo Arena, without incident. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. Last season's epic blowup after the Barnstormers-Blizzard game will go down as one of the more interesting moments in my television career. The only thing between me and that mad man was my $10,000 camera.
WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!! (The sound begins around 2 minutes) 

It turns out Carlos Zambrano wasn't shunning the Central Iowa media, on purpose...he was ordered to. Cubs manager Lou Piniella says that 'Big Z' can't talk to the media until he apologizes to Derek Lee, for last month's dugout tirade. This information would have been useful, on Tuesday.

The big Cubs are playing their best baseball of the season. They're now 9 1/2 games out of 1st place. The only good news, for Cubs' fans is that they've knocked the Cardinals into 2nd.

Congrats to Central Iowa's trio of softball champions: Valley, Carlisle, and BCLUW. And how about that undefeated Martensdale St. Mary's baseball team? The Blue Devils scored 12 runs in their quarterfinal the FIRST inning. MSM is now 41-0.

A familiar face will be waving the green flag at the Brickyard 400, on Sunday. Iowa's own, Dallas Clark, is the Grand Marshal for the NASCAR event.

I hadn't seen an animated movie since the original 'Shrek' debuted in 2001, but I've now seen two in the last two weeks. 'Toy Story 3' was great, and 'Despicable Me' was even better. Next up...semi-animation. I'm going to see 'Inception' in I-MAX.

The wait is finally over. Don Draper is back. If you're unaware of what I'm talking about...I feel sorry for you.

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The Rooster said...

I agree about Don Draper. I mean if you cannot appreciate what he did for Drake B-Ball during their heyday, than I feel sorry for you as well!