Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deception, Booger, Nothing

  • Summer is going way too fast.
  • Can't decide if I want to see "Inception" tonight, or not. I loved Chris Nolan's Dark Knight and Memento. Leonardo Dicaprio is an interesting actor who delivers in nearly every movie. It's just those previews look a little like a headache. Reviews are raves, but I may wait for word of mouth. Please shoot me an email if you go:
  • How bad does Sorcerer's Apprentice look. When did Nicolas Cage turn into a cartoon?
  • I stayed up until 3 a.m. to watch the start of the British Open and got sucked in by Revenge of the Nerds instead. Love Booger.
  • Right now St. Elmo's Fire is playing. I used to think this movie was cool. Has it always been this cheesy? It's definitely of its time: the 80s.
  • MLB All-Star game ratings were the lowest ever.
  • The Barnstormers are home Friday night. The lack of  buzz this season still puzzles me, and goes beyond a mediocre team.
  • I want to do something this weekend I haven't done in a long time. Nothing.

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