Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Iowa Brings The High Heat

  • I'm finally watching Mad Men, since Mediacom put AMC in HD. I like Mad Men so far, though I do worry it makes me want to drink a cocktail, which I certainly don't need at midnight on a Wednesday.
  • Table for one at Dinner for Schmucks. Make it two---I'll try to drag my wife. Steve Carrell & Paul Rudd = comic gold.
  • Anyone see Salt? Looks like good, mindless fun.
  • Nice move from the Des Moines Bucs. Regg Simon is a good fit as both head coach & GM.
  • 0 CIML from the metro make it to the state baseball semifinals. Have to let the rest of the state win something, or root for Mason City. The Mohawks technically represent the CIML: Central Iowa Metro League.
  • Miss Iowa brings the heat. A game Katherine Connors came on our radio show and said she wasn't offended at all by Miguel Batista's comment. Batista said he understood Nationals fans booing him when he was a last minute sub for Stephen Strasburg because that would be like expecting Miss Universe but getting Miss Iowa. Katherine, a big Cubs fans, said she can throw a pitch or two, but she wonders if Batista can walk a runway in a swimsuit. Batista told the Washington Post Saturday he's sending Connors flowers, and thinks she's gorgeous. You be the judge:

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