Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron Decision Debacle

  • The LeBron James "Decision Special" is the most ridiculous made for television event I've watched since Geraldo opened Al Capone's vault. I'm embarrassed for ESPN, Stuart Scott, Jim Gray, and the "The King" himself. Only Michael Wilbon seemed to escape with his integrity somewhat intact, mostly because he's so smart, and even in a sham like this, Wilbon managed to ask intelligent questions.
  • It's been going around for years that James, Wade, and Bosh made a pact to join forces after the 2010 season. You can bet it's no coincidence that Stephen A. Smith reported weeks ago that all three were headed to Miami. That would make the "drama" and deliberations a bunch of nonsense.
  • LeBron James is the most talented basketball player in the world, though Kobe Bryant is better when it counts most. James has every right to get what he can. I just wish it didn't come with so much disingenuous drivel.
  • James now looks like a mercenary. No way he'll be held in the same esteem as Magic, Bird, Kobe, or Jordan. Those guys didn't have to abandon their teams, and in LeBron's case, his hometown to win a championship. Cleveland led the NBA in wins the past two seasons. Cavs management went out and did whatever LeBron wanted, including signing Shaq. No wonder the Cavs owner overreacted with this stinging letter aimed right at James' heart (if not his junk):               
  • It's hard to believe the content of that letter could be more shocking than the font Gilbert used, but it is. Gilbert needs to take a breath and remember James helped the Cavs win a lot of games, and make a lot of money, but I love his passion, and I'm sure fans will. Cavs fans burning James' jerseys are going too far too. It's crushing, but he has the right, albeit misguided, to look for an easier way to a ring, and he did.
  • Please no more stories about all the money James is "leaving on the table". Assuming he gets the max Miami can give him, LeBron will net more in five years with the Heat than he would have the first five years with the Cavs because Florida doesn't have state taxes (source: MSNBC). Granted, only Cleveland could offer the sixth year, but 5 to 5, it's advantage Miami.
  • I can't quite explain it---I'm trying---but Thursday night was a low point for sports fans---even those of the Heat. Our intelligence was insulted beyond reason. And I don't think LeBron James realizes he now will never be the legend he wants to be so badly.


Anonymous said...

If LeBron was 36 years old, declining playing health and just wanted to end his fading career on a high note (Like hockey's Raymond Bourque) then his decision to move on like this would be MUCH more understandable.

But, at his very young age and energy? It just seems like all he wants is a championship and to hell with a city that's loved him and worshiped him like a God.

Shaq has a right to ring-chase, LeBron doesn't. Simple as that.

lizmcdonough said...

No font is more respectable than Comic Sans MS bold in navy. It was my middle school font of choice.