Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Week Ever 2


Shawn's post about the best sports week got me all fired up. I'm the biggest college football fan out there, but Capital One Bowl Week isn't a's a season! The thing lasts about 23 that's out.

On the national scene, it's hard to beat a week featuring the NCAA title game, MLB opening day, and The Masters. But there's nothing local about that, unless we're talking I-Cubs.

The best day of the year, is the Thursday opening round of the NCAA tournament. But, the best week of the year, is the first week in September. Nothing beats the start of college football. Bowl games are fun, but lets be honest, most of them are meaningless. Get back to me when they rename it Capital One Playoff Week.

We're without the best sport on earth for 8 long months. The good news is, we only have 5 months left to kill.


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