Friday, April 23, 2010

Indianapolis Hawkeyes, Good Hires, Rain Go Away

  • The Colts love them some Hawkeyes! Indianapolis takes linebacker Pat Angerer in the second round. Pat wasn't even watching the draft because he didn't expect his phone to ring until at least round four. The Colts know a football player when they see one.
  • Angerer, Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders, Mitch King, Jim Caldwell, Tom Moore... why don't they just change the name to Hawkeyes.
  • If Tony Moeaki stays healthy, the Chiefs stole a potential All-Pro tight end in the third round.
  • The Lions take Iowa corner Amari Spievey in the third round. I guess Spievey was right to leave early. He said he thought he'd go in the first three rounds.
  • Four Hawks in three rounds. Pretty impressive.
  • I love the Fran McCaffery hire of Kirk Speraw. Speraw was the Head Coach at UCF for 17 seasons and led the Knights to four NCAA Tournaments. Speraw's been trying to work his way back to Iowa for years. He played for the Hawkeyes, coached alongside Lute Olson, and knows what Carver-Hawkeye Arena was like when basketball mattered. He'll help.
  • I also like Greg McDermott adding Jeff Grayer to the staff. Johnny Orr has been trying to get an Iowa State coach to add Grayer for years. Arguably the greatest Cyclone player ever, Grayer brings NBA credibility, but more importantly he should help remind players what Hilton Magic once was, and what it could be again (to paraphrase Terrence Mann). Sure, there's PR in this hire, but it's still a good move.
  • Iowa State needs to name the Hilton Coliseum court "Johnny Orr Floor". Grayer's return makes the timing perfect, and we don't know how much longer we'll have Orr around to honor.
  • The Drake Relays is one of the best run events anywhere, but they can't control the weather. I love track and field, but I'm not sitting in the rain. I suspect I'm not alone.
  • Tasty Tacos. Mmm.


Tim + Janice said...

Man, your Jones for Tasty Tacos must have lasted for hours! Good thoughts about Orr and Grayer.....

Hawkeyemkn said...

I understand what Johnny Orr did for the Cyclones and Hilton Magic, but could you argue that it should be named Fennelly Court?