Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Locust Avenue Vapor Trail, Hassel Costanza, Guilty Pleasure

  • The Grand Blue Mile is another winner for the Drake Relays. I still can't belive a man ran through downtown Des Moines, 5,280 feet of it, in 3 minutes 54 seconds.
  • The forecast for the Relays is a big bummer. Ed hopes he's wrong. Experience tells me he's not. Forecast calls for rain. And Pain.
  • I'm glad we have the Iowa Energy, going to a game is a fun night out, but that was a small crowd for a win or go home game.
  • Did I mention the Cubs aren't very good?
  • MLB suspends Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez 50 games for testing positive for PED's, but since he's already on the DL, he's not playing anyway, yet those missed games count. Pathetic.
  • Vikings at Saints to start the NFL season? I'm in.
  • New shows worth watching: Justified, Parenthood, and Pacific.
  • Guilty pleasure: Glee. Even my wife makes fun of me.
  • Don't miss Chris Hassel in this week's "Juice". He looks like Bagger Vance, and sounds like George Costanza. Jannay Towne is the lovely cover lady.
  • It's a clean sweep... USA Today names Ames Senior Harrison Barnes its boys basketball national high school player of the year. No surprise. Vance Downs is the coach of the year. (Thank you Des Moines Register.)
  • Shawn Terrell is in Las Vegas for his brother's bachelor party. Have you seen the Hangover? This is the sequel.

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Tim + Janice said...

Great comments today; Brian Kelly and Shawn making the sequel especially....ha!!