Sunday, April 04, 2010

"Let's Be Mad Again"?, Barnstormers Wide Awake, Dragon Training.

  • The Eagles trade Donovan McNabb. Saw that coming. But they traded McNabb to the Redkins! Bold. McNabb will try to make the 'Skins pay twice a season, and Mike Shanahan now has the quarterback he needs.
  • "Let's Be Mad Again"? Nice effort. Bad idea. Anytime you have to explain a slogan, the slogan doesn't work.
  • I can't remember a Final Four with less buzz. I still think it has a lot to do with busted brackets. When fringe fans no longer have a rooting interest, they need a contending office pool bracket to keep them engaged. Most of us were out when UNI punked KU. What will happen to office pools when the NCAA Tournament expands to 96 teams. Two sheets? First round byes? If people don't play pools, it will impact interest from the casual fan.
  • I'd love to see Butler win, but can't see it happening. Prove me wrong, Bulldogs!
  • Butler reaching the championship game does provide new hope for Hawkeye fans. Maybe Iowa can also play for a title three years after Lickliter leaves.
  • Surreal to see the President on TV, he only mentions one winning team from the NCAA tourney, and it's UNI.
  • UConn vs Stanford in the NCAA Women's basketball final. Who saw that coming? Oh yeah, right, everybody.
  • Great to see baseball back. The Yankees & Red Sox started it off with a good, see-saw game. Growing up in New England, I'm always happy when the season starts with a Red Sox win, and a Yankees loss.
  •  I can't believe ESPN picked the Yanks & Sox. Shocking.
  • Former Hawkeye QB and KWWL sports anchor Paul Burmeister is a great success story. He's now a major player at the NFL Network, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  • Boy, the Barnstormers got a wake-up call. This isn't af2.
  • I loved "How To Train Your Dragon". It's a great movie for kids, or anyone who was ever a kid. I went with my two boys, and it was good for bonding. Fun.

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