Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Week Ever?

It's Shawn.

Hopefully, VHI won't order "Murphy's Law" to cease and desist for copyright infringement.  The point being, this week is a great week for sports fans.  The Final Four, opening day in Major League Baseball, and The Masters.  It's the convergence of three great sports.  While I always enjoy this week, it's not my favorite week of the sports year.  Many of my friends and collegues disagree.

First, I love the Final Four.  But for me, it doesn't compare to the excitement and wall to wall basketball that accompanies the first two days of the NCAA tournament.  Opening Day in MLB is a great day, but I never get truly excited about baseball until at least Memorial Day.  And while I love golf, and The Masters is my favorite golf tournament, I refuse to get caught up in the four day drool-a-thon over Amen Corner and Butler Cabin.

Give me Capital One Bowl Week any week of the year.  Is it college football season yet?


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