Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neck Hole, Paddy's Day, McDermott's Decision


I usually enjoy covering I-Cubs games, but today (50-degrees, windy, rainy) wasn't the least bit enjoyable. There were around 500 people in the seats for the 1:00pm start. I was surprised there were even that many. The good news is, every fan that came was able to snatch up a free blue catchers mitt. My best highlight in the 90 minutes I spent in the ballpark was a boy trying to find the neckhole in a poncho.

Iowa-owned Paddy O'Prado is a 25-1 favorite in Saturday's Kentucky Derby. For some perspective, the Cubs have a better chance to win the world series at 22-1. In other words, I wouldn't bet on it. I wouldn't bet on either.

Two more Hawkeyes and another Cyclone will get a shot in the NFL. Iowa WR Trey Stross signed a free-agent deal with the Texans. Hawkeye OL Dace Richardson has been granted a tryout with the Giants. And Cyclone punter Mike Brandtner inks with the Jaguars. As for the draftees...only 4 teams in the country had more than Iowa's six.

Three years ago, Steve Alford was feeling at heat Iowa and bolted for New Mexico. Now, some Cyclone fans believe Greg McDermott may be thinking about jumping ship to Creighton. Personally, I think it would be a good move for him to make. He's entering a lame-duck year at Iowa State. I find it hard to believe that this team is talented enough to post a winning season. The additions of Nurse and Grayer are great, but coaches don't play.

Andy bought a Twix out of the vending machine, today. He was crying about how they're making all the standard sized candy bars smaller. I didn't believe him, until he brought it over. They either shaved two inches off the regular bar, or they enhanced the fun size bar. Either way, Andy is none too happy about it.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps with Nurse and Grayer on staff ISU already has their next head coach hired.