Friday, April 30, 2010

Bucket List, Hoiberg Hire, Little Big Dog

  • I'm happy for my friend, Andy Fales. I don't think I've ever seen him look happier on the job than he does this week at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. Andy is covering the Iowa owned horse, Paddy O'Prado. Paddy is 20 to 1, but running from the best position---the 10---and he likes the mud. That could matter, a LOT, Saturday.
  • Kentucky Derby tops Andy's sports bucket list. What's on yours? I'll start with the Masters, Wimbledon, and Notre Dame vs. USC football.
  • Good first day on the job for Fred Hoiberg. I'm sure he had help, but a solid recruit right out of the gate makes already excited Cyclone fans downright giddy.
  • The Hoiberg hire makes more sense to doubters the more they learn about the man and the plan. Still no lock, but then what hire would have been?
  • I can't wait for some sunny weekend weather and an I-Cubs game. Might not be this weekend.
  • My parents just showed up for a long visit. We love having them here. They make our lives easier, and they're fun. Each year it means more.
  • We have a four pound dog, Maggie, who thinks she weighs 40. It's amusing to watch her try and intimidate dogs who could eat as a snack. I think they laugh.
  • Shocker: early reviews for MacGruber are all positive. Several say the movie is hilarious. The movie must improve on the SNL skit. That almost never happens. Ladies Man anyone?


jeremiah davis said...

Wayne's World definitely improved on the SNL skit. Party time! Excellent!

Geoff Wood said...

The Today Show interviewed the Derby's version of a sideline reporter this morning and she said that Paddy O'Prado was her favorite.

Of course, this was after she fell off the horse on national television.