Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bad Driver

The sports world brings us its share of head-scratching stories, but the one out of Lee County really packs a wallop. The Iowa State Patrol arrests Fairfield girls golf coach Susie Steinbeck for OWI early Tuesday morning as she's driving her team to a meet. The 59 year old Steinbeck had a preliminary blood alcohol level of .212, nearly three times the legal limit.

Was Steinbeck (allegedly) drunk from the night before, earlier that morning, or both? It's an alarming story and a parental nightmare. We expect our kids safe at school. The most chilling detail comes from Bryce Miller's story in the Des Moines Register. Here's a text from passenger Elizabeth Hamilton to her parents at 7:19 a.m.

“Ohh myy goshh susie is going to kill us! She cant stay on the road! So in case this is the last time i talk to you i love you! :)”

Fortunately, a witness saw Steinbeck's SUV swerving all over the road and forced a vehicle intervention. Following Stenbeck's arrest, the six student-athletes were driven safely to their meet in Keokuk.

Fairfield High also did a good job of notifying parents and putting details on its website. Transparency is always the best idea, even when it's not news you enjoy giving.

Thank God those girls are okay.


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Sincerely, Jenni said...

That's just crazy! I'm assuming she was still drunk from the night before, given the time of the morning she was driving.

Didn't any of these girls try to CALL their parents or get the coach to pull over? Or, maybe even try calling the police?