Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jacobson Courted, Podolak Recovering, Judgement Day


Northern Iowa's Ben Jacobson is in the running for head job at Texas A&M. He would be a fool not to, at least, talk to the Aggies, and it appears that's exactly what he's doing. ESPN is reporting that A&M officials are meeting with Jacobson, in his native North Dakota, Saturday night. However, multiple media outlets are reporting that Murray State's Billy Kennedy has the inside track.

'Jake' just signed a 10-year extension, in 2010 (which means absolutely nothing, other than the fact that he's getting more money from UNI). He's making 450K a year, with a 25K increase, each season. If he gets the A&M job, his salary would, at the very least, double in size. The Aggies spend three times as much on their basketball program, than Northern Iowa. There's something to be said for staying at a small school, and building a tradition, but what more can Jacobson accomplish? In 2009-10, they won 30 games, and went to the sweet 16. In my opinion, if he finds the right opportunity (and A&M is a great opportunity), he should move on. But, I don't think he'll get the job.

Ed Podolak continues the grueling recovery process, after being struck by a car while crossing a Scottsdale street, in February. He's nowhere near 100% but he's light-years ahead of where he was just a couple months ago. Ed says he's been visiting the Hawkeye coaching staff, in the afternoons, after his morning therapy session, at University Hospitals, in Iowa city. He says he'll be ready to join Dolph in the booth when the Hawkeyes open the season, September 3rd.

This weather is absolutely ridiculous. It was 96 degrees, on Tuesday, and it won't even reach 56 degrees, today. My wife is using it as an excuse to have both her winter, and summer clothes, all over the house.

I'm hearing that the world is going to come to an end, May 21st. You may have seen the billboards around town. I really hope this isn't true --- I have January 1, 2012, in the 'Channel 13 End of the World Pool'.

I just heard the FOX national announcer say that Cubs fans are really excited about the future of the Cubs. That couldn't be further from the truth, at least for me. I've been watching Cubs games since 1990, and I have never been this disinterested in a season. I used to watch every single game, even when they were awful, in the 90's. Back then, they at least had Sammy Sosa, and Harry Carry.

The Cardinals have fallen out of first place. #woot

Don't. Mess. With. Hampsters.

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wm said...

It, is good to, hear about, Podolak's progress. I, hope that he, is well enough to, join the booth, in the, fall.

I am a, Cardinals fan, so, I dislike, most things, Cubs. But with, Starlin Castro, how, can you, see, the future as, anything, but, bright. They, can't, suck forever, and especially, if they overpay, for Pujols, then they'll, be, immediate contenders.

The, rules, on, comma, usage, are, fuzzy, but, suffice it, to say that, less, is more.

Have,,, a, nice,,,,, day! Thanks,, for, the,,, blog, posts. They,,,,,,,,,,,,, are, appreciated, by at,, least, one,.