Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jacobson Stays, All Iowa NBA Finals, World's Most Interesting Man Has A Problem?


Not sure what to make of the Ben Jacobson situation, other than that it's good for UNI that he's staying.  If he had a shot at the job, it's hard to imagine him not taking it.  Aside from the bigger conference and (I assume) a nice pay raise, A&M is a program that's been to the NCAA Tournament for six straight years.  An MVC coach (Mark Turgeon) succeeded there too.  If Jacobson did have a shot at getting it and turned away, maybe he's committed to staying at UNI for a while....

....that or he knew he wasn't going to get the job and withdrew.  UNI's style works in Cedar Falls but, as we saw at Iowa State with Greg McDermott, it doesn't always translate in the Big 12.  Run a boring offense at a big school (as McDermott and one Todd Lickliter did at Iowa) and patience wears thin. 

Jacobson is a smart dude.  He knows he has a good situation now and, after seeing McDermott's tenure at ISU go south, won't be quick to jump to a bigger job.  Sooner or later I think he'll move on, but I don't think he'll go somewhere in need of a complete overhaul.  And don't be shocked if we soon hear of Ben getting another pay raise from UNI.

George Niang looks like a pretty good recruit for ISU.  Good schools were after him and the Mayor was able to lure a kid from Massachusetts in a time when the Cyclones haven't been relevent in the Big 12 hoops scene for a little while.  I'll save you the "he's not a transfer?" joke.

It's not the matchup the NBA wants to see, but we Iowans could have a vested interest in the NBA Finals if we get Bulls v. Thunder.  Nick Collison and Kyle Korver aren't superstars, but they're the kind of role players and character guys that EVERY team needs to win a title.  Imagine what it will be like if, in a few years, Harrison Barnes becomes a superstar and carries a team deep in the playoffs.

Speaking of Da Bulls, impressive second half.  As I write this Taj Gibson just dunked on the Heat again.

As I was working, I heard a loud scream when Gibson had his last big dunk in the fourth.  It was Hassel.  For a moment I thought he'd been shot, yet he was celebrating.  And it was a 20 point game at this point.  If the Cubs ever, by some fluke of nature or God, win a World Series, I'm convinced Chris will probably die when they get the 27th out.

Has anyone seen the recent ICubs box scores?  This team needs pitching like the Barnstormers need a kicker (or four).

Am I the only one who thinks "The Most Interesting Man In The World" isn't looking too good in the most recent ads?  He looks tired and worn out, and I don't buy his whole "I don't always drink beer" line.  Since beer dehydrates, maybe he won't be so thirsty all the time if he just grabs some water.

To add on to a topic yesterday, I saw those End of the World on May 21 billboards and, after googling it, turns out they have the time that Judgement Day will start.  6 PM eastern.  Really?  Folks out east seem to have the idea the world revolves around them anyway, and now apparently the end of the world does too?  Would it be too much to ask the Almighty that he end the world at 6 PM CENTRAL TIME?

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