Friday, May 27, 2011

I-Mariners, Coe a no-go, LeBron vs. MJ

I-Brewers? I-Royals? I-Mariners? I don't think so. The Chicago Cubs have agreed to extend its agreement with the Iowa Cubs, through 2016. Thank goodness --- I thought for a second I would never get to see Jeff Samardzija, again.

The Barnstormers played their 1st game without John Gregory, in a decade, Friday. It actually seems longer than 10 years, but it's easy to forget that Gregory left Iowa for New York, in 2001. The Barnstormers are now 1-0 in the post-Gregory era. Iowa beat Utah, 50-48, snapping a six-game losing streak.

One of the most talked about football recruits for the Iowa Hawkeyes, this off-season, has been Rodney Coe. The high school All-American was supposed to attend Iowa, this fall. He's coming to Iowa all right --- but he'll attend Iowa Western Community College. Coe's grades weren't good enough to get into Iowa, therefore he'll try to get his grades up in time for the 2012 season. It worked once before. Remember when Shonn Greene spent the 2007 season at Kirkwood Community College, in Cedar Rapids? The season season, he was one of the best backs in the nation. Obviously, that's an extremely rare case, but we shouldn't write Coe off, just yet.

Quick, name the last (and only) Cyclone to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft? If you said Troy're wrong. Seneca Wallace? No. Ellis Hobbs? Nope. It was George Amundson, in 1973. Honestly, I had never heard of the guy. Apparently, he was a great running back with the Cyclones --- not so much in the NFL. Houston selected him 14th in the '73 draft. He only played in 29 NFL games, averaging less than three yards a carry.
Amundson wasn't an NFL great,
but he had a great 'stache. point is, the Cyclones may have their 2nd first-round draft pick, in 2012. Offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele has been named to Phil Steele's pre-season first-team All-American list. I think he'll go on to have a better NFL career, than George Amundson.

Former British Open champion, Tom Lehman, is the last commit to next week's Principal Charity Classic. Hopefully, this year, he actually comes. Last year, he committed, and decommited, in the same week.

I've watched game 7 of the Eastern Confernce Finals (obviously, I'm talking hockey, because the Bulls lost in 5), tonight. Some dude for Tampa got hit in the face with a puck. It really looked like someone shot the guy's nose off.   A few minutes later, he was back in the game. Ridiculous.

Speaking of the NBA. Cool it with the "Is LeBron better than MJ" talk. Until James gets to at least 3 titles, let's take it easy. I think people are getting all crazy because he finally has shown that he has some 4th quarter gusto. We'll see if he can take over the 10's (teens, whatever), like Jordan dominated the 90's.

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