Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!


Hope all the moms out there had a great Sunday and to my mom in Colorado, Shari Beck.  I was at the I-Cubs game today and I remembered all the I-Cub and Rockies games she took me to growing up.  Back then I thought it was because she liked baseball too.  Not that she doesn't but I think it was more about spending time with me.  Thanks mom.

Can't figure out what's going on with the I-Cubs.  It's been more than two weeks since they won consecutive games and they've been outscored 46-22 on this homestand.  They've been as mediocre as the Big Cubs.

Atlanta just will not go away.  I'm getting the feeling this one goes the full seven.  Even with homecourt, I don't know that Bulls fans would feel to comfortable with that the way the Hawks have played.

David Stern could not save the Lakers.

LA is a great team, and I wouldn't say their window to win some more titles has shut, but when they flame out it is an EPIC fail.  Usually great teams show a little more fight, but  they always have attitude issues when things start to go south with guys like Bynum (more on him below) and even Kobe before he matured (when he and Shaq couldn't get along).  Getting owned by the Pistons in the Finals in Shaq's last year.  The Game 6 in the Finals against the Celtics a few years ago where Boston nearly beat them by 40.  Today was worse, and it was only the second round.  And Ron Artest didn't even get into the fray. 
Do us all a favor and walk away from the game.
Andrew Bynum is a waste of seven feet.  You can seldom get the guy on the court because he's more fragile than a China doll and he has yet to develop into the impact center people thought he would be coming out of college.  Turns out he's a punk too with that flagrant foul.  The Lakers should dump this clown and the NBA should give him a big suspension at the start of next year.

While editing I got a call on this old school telephone probably left over from the 1980's from some guy who wanted to know English Premier League scores.  Thank God for the Internet.

You know that terrible actor who plays the talk show host in those awful Geico commercials?  I think Chris (rightly so) called him the worst actor he's ever seen.  Yeah, I saw the guy in a second ad recently for DiGiorno.  HOW THE HELL DOES THIS DOOFUS KEEP GETTING WORK? 
I'd go with firing you but apparently I don't "get" advertising

When did ad agencies stop being like Mad Men?  I'd seriously like to be a fly on the wall in the board room when they're kicking around ideas for who to put in these ads.  "Hey, I've got a great idea for a fresh new way to sell our pizza!  Lets cast the kid from the Geico ads!  Uh, boss, I'm pretty sure somebody in a coma could pull off a better acting job then him.  No, he's amazing, clueless D-Bag is the new "in" style!  But if the guy looks like as interested about being in the ad as he would be sitting through his English Lit 101 lecture, will people really be more interested in buying our pizza?  Yes!  Pay whatever it takes to get this rising talent!"  Can Don Draper please slap some sense into these fools?

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