Monday, May 30, 2011

Vest No More, Campana Quick, IceBorg Family Wedding

First off, a happy Memorial Day to you all, and a thank you to those in our armed forces past and present.
A Michigan fan's reaction to Tressel "resigning"
I'm not sure what is more surprising.  Jim Tressel resigning, or Jim Tressel not firing Gordon Gee before he quit.

I'm not going to sit here and say that the violations of the players are that bad (granted there are ties to an alleged drug trafficker though).  It's not like they are taking money from bookies or being accused of sexual assault at recruiting parties.  Heck, even at OSU what Tressel did pales in comparison to the patriarch of OSU coaching, Woody Hayes, punching another player during a game.  And that makes the fact Tressel is now gone even more laughable.  If he lies about small time stuff like tattoos and memorabilia money, you have to wonder how large his biggest skeletons in the closet are (perhaps we'll see more with SI's cover story this week).

I'm sick of hearing about how Tressel just made an honest mistake.  If you or me are under review at our job, lie and then are caught in it, chances are we get canned.  Tressel lied like ten times (yes I'm exaggerating...but probably only a little) and finally just got forced out.  Boo frickin hoo.

Who replaces the Vest?  Lot of big names flying around.  I don't buy Urban Meyer.  He spent too much time destroying Big 10 schools at Florida to go to one now.  In fact, I don't buy a big name coach getting this job just yet.  Any other year OSU is a primetime job, but you get the feeling Tressel is getting out before the other shoe drops.  If the NCAA comes down hard on OSU (say a two year bowl ban ala USC and Reggie Bush), then how attractive is the job?
3.8 million reasons and yet he still won't smile
With the Vest gone, Kirk Ferentz is now the Big 10's highest paid coach.  Ferentz makes about 3.8 million, Tressel made 4.1.  Ironic in that both had big problems this offseason.  Ferentz handling of Rhabdo gate is certainly warranting of some criticism, but he certainly didn't dig his hole deeper the way Tressel did.
Since writing this Campana stole another base
The Cubs still stink (although my beloved Rockies are now garbage as well), but Tony Campana is making a nice impression with the big club.  The former I-Cub stole four bases in Chicago's 12-7 loss to Houston on Monday.  He now has five on the year, tying him for the team lead.  With the injuries and mediocrity of the big Cubs, it's been a revolving door between Des Moines and Chicago.  Who has a shot to stick?

I had been off since Friday to attend the wedding of my cousin Ruth in Tulsa.  A thanks to the boss man Murphy for reworking my schedule to help me get down there.  Sounds simple but I've known a few bosses who weren't as accommodating.  I saw virtually my entire family for the first time in ten years since my grandfather passed away.  Obviously a much better reason to gather this time around.
Mazel Tov to my cousin Ruthey
I have now attended a Jewish wedding (for the record the fastest one, only took about 30 minutes), a Catholic wedding, and a Christian wedding.  If I get to a Buddhist wedding I get a set of steak knives.

Really dad, 7 CAR LENGTHS!?!?!?!?!?
I drove out to Tulsa with my dad who came down from Minneapolis.  It's our first road trip in quite some time, and I had plenty of those moments that just make you smile when you think about your dad.  Seeing him enjoy listening for the first time to the Dave Matthews Band CDs I played (he also in turn played some Loretta Lynn which I will begrudgingly admit I liked).  Arguing with him over the speed of my driving (he never drives the 70 speed limit and says I need to stay seven car lengths behind people on the interstate.  Needless to say I drove on Friday because I wanted to be on time for the wedding Saturday night).  Seeing a family photo of him in 1976 where he had so much hair he looked like the second coming of Jesus (maybe Harold Camping thought my dad was serious in 76 when he said the world would end May 21, 2011.  He was just kidding Mr. Camping).  And the ultimate highlight-watching my 60 plus year old dad dance to the "Cupid Shuffle" hip hop song.  He thought it was just another form of line dancing.  I love my old man.

I can (unfortunately) deny that I didn't have any "Wedding Crashers" moments with any pretty bridesmaids.  As for reports that I was seen dancing on the floor, possibly after a few adult refreshments, no comment.

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