Monday, September 12, 2011

Hawkeye fans have surprised me

I'm actually impressed with the amount of Hawkeye fans I've heard from that admit Iowa State out-played the Hawks on Saturday. It was obviously clear to an objective fan that ISU should've won by double-digits, in regulation. But, I'm surprised Iowa fans saw that through their black and gold tinted glasses.

I absolutely love the emotion Paul Rhoads shows after winning a big game. He wears his emotions on his sleeve...Kirk Ferentz, quite frankly, has no emotion.

ISU is a 4.5 point underdog...the Hawks are 3.5 point favorites against Pittsburgh.

The Cyclones need to take this win, and run with it. Too often we've seen ISU completely lay an egg after previous huge victories. If Steele Jantz plays half as good as he played against Iowa, the Cyclones will beat UConn. But, I'm afraid Jantz is going to come back down to earth in his first road game.

I, honestly, don't know what to think about the Hawks. I'd like to think Saturday was more about Steele Jantz's greatness, and less about Iowa's porous defense, but who knows. With a loss, the Hawks would fall below .500 for the first time since that awful 2007 season.

Kirk Ferentz is respected by most Hawkeye fans, but I understand why so many get so frustrated with him. There isn't a coach in the country that's more conservative than Ferentz. It makes it extremely tough to watch, especially when the riverboat gambling Paul Rhoads is on the other sideline.

I've talked to a few people who were surprised Andy didn't take a Bic razor to his head. The guy has too much hair to look to bad with a butch cut. By next Sunday, you probably won't even notice that he lost the bet.

I've been watching SoundOFF for 5 years, now...and I'm confident Sunday's show was the very best I've seen. Even the callers were halfway decent!

RVTV 2012 is only 51 weeks away. I guess we should start planning our route pretty soon.

I'm so fed up with college football realignment talk. It's a shame.

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cassiekay said...

Amen, Amen, and... Amen. Well put Chris.