Thursday, September 08, 2011

Murph's RVTV Photo Album: Day 1 Pleasantville

It's Thursday night, the Packers are picking up where they left off, and I thought I'd use halftime for a show and tell on the RVTV Tour 2011.
Day 1 in Pleasantville. This semi-truck showed up and started blasting the Hawkeye fight song. No Iowa fans complained. It's a cool truck.
I can't say enough about Pleasantville. The people could not have been nicer. It's interesting how much small towns appreciate positive coverage. Time and time again, we hear, "Usually the only time we see the media is when something bad happens. Thank you." No, thank you.
RVTV? Perfect time for a lemonade stand! Never pass up kids selling lemonade. Especially when they're this cute.
I was thrilled to meet Bruce Willis.
Not Cast Your Kernel, Cast Your Bean at Smokey Row. Hawks clearly in front of the bean count. Smokey Row brought us breakfast in bed. Well, breakfast in the RV.

Not exactly roughin' it, but we do work long days. Many people are surprised how much goes into putting a few minutes of newscast together. Here I'm pictured with Brandon McCauley, the pride of Nevada. (More on Nevada later.)

Pleasantville had a great turnout, and a fun street party. We stayed out late with some of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Pleasantville Bags Tournament. We were disqualified.
The Trojans cheerleaders in a serious posedown.

This is one cute dog. Go Hawks!

Pleasantville did too much, and then showered us with gifts. My wife wants to move there.

The Iceborg actually believed he had to sleep in this tent, and he never complained.

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Lois Turnage said...

LOVE the pics....HOWEVER, it's the PLEASANTVILLE HS DANCE TEAM pictured in the "serious pose" with Andy and Keith, NOT the cheerleaders!
~Lois Turnage, Dance Team coach