Thursday, September 01, 2011

Legends or Leaders?

  • We're breaking in a new newsroom computer system at work, OPUS. It's going to be nice once we're used to it, but right now I feel like I'm trying to write with my left hand.
  • We shot a promo for RVTV at Jack Trice Stadium. I left with two impressions: 1) The new video board looks great and sounds clear. 2) I can't believe what Chris  Hassel wore.
  • Great move by Iowa State naming the new media workspace at Hilton Coliseum, "The Pete Taylor Media Room". It couldn't be anyone else. Hard to believe Pete's been gone for more than eight years.
  • Texas A&M files for divorce. Now all the flirting and courting really begins.
  • Sean Keeler returns to the written page with the cover story for this week's Cityview. It's Sean's college football preview. You can pick up a copy... just about anywhere.
  • The best way I've heard to remember which division of the Big Ten Iowa's in, and who's in that division is Nile Kinnick was a legend. Iowa's in Legends. Legends is Iowa, and all the teams that start with an M or an N. Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Northwestern.


    Anonymous said...

    I'm still struggling with which school is a Legend and which school is a Leader. Yes, Kinnick was a legend. But so is/was Joe Paterno, Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin, Red Grange, etc., and those guys are all from schools that are in the Leaders division. I'll get it eventually because I think we're stuck with these cheesy division names.

    Aaron said...

    Just remember Legends should be West and Leaders should be East, and Michigan and Wisconsin switched spots.

    Keith Murphy said...

    I hear you. Each school has a legend, but since I'm in Iowa, I only concern myself with Iowa's legend when remembering. Do you think of Kinnick as a legend or a leader? (I realize he was both, but at this point, it's definitely "legend".)

    Davis Quinton said...

    I remember the division teams by using acronyms. Mmmnin and Wiipop. I have no idea which are the leaders and which are the legends, because I came up with my own division names;
    Overrated and Underachievers.