Friday, September 16, 2011

Hellboy Stops Sox, Butter Braids, Football Friday

  • Just watched Charlie Sheen on Leno. I'll say this, Sheen's never boring.
  • How 'bout Des Moines' Jeremy Hellickson just shutting down the Red Sox at Fenway Park?!
  • Moneyball, the movie, looks good. Bratt Pitt as an MLB GM? Why not.

  • Overheard from one of the coaches at my son's fifth grade football practice, "Quit acting like you're in a pizza line! No pizza gettin' served here.This is the get your butt in gear line!" I love it. And the coach is doing a great job.
  • Cade's fundraiser was Butter Braid Pastries. I don't know what these are, but we now have a freezer full of them. I hope they're good.
Butter Braid cinnamon braided pastry
  • Is there a bigger non-story than ESPN's Tedy Bruschi criticizing Chad Ochocinco's praise-the-Patriots tweet? No. There's not.
  • Here's where the Iowa State football team can really impress me: beat UConn. The more we move away from the Cyclones thrilling win over Iowa, the more ISU's long history of flopping at moments like this affects my expectations. Monday, I thought Iowa State would win. Now as Thursday turns to Friday, I wonder.
  • My, "we really are watching something special" moment from Saturday's game was when I received a text from Erin Kiernan. I won't repeat it here, but she was pretty excited!
  • I'm sure the Iowa High School Athletic Association doesn't like Friday night college football games. No doubt Iowa State playing on ESPN2 at 7 p.m. will hurt gates.
  • Did anyone see the Bucky Larson movie? I want confirmation that the movie is as awful as the previews looked.

  • Netflix, you lose.


wheels said...

Butter Braids are made by Country Maid in West Bend, Iowa. They are assume. You will love everyone you have in your freezer. !!!

wheels said...

Sorry, this should say awesome, delicious, mouth watering !!!!!!!

Keith Murphy said...

Alright. You sold me. Look out stomach.

Billy Ray said...

You have people in your freezer Keith? Don't keep them in there too long, they will get freezer burnt and will taste dried out.

cassiekay said...

I think I'm going to use that coach's motivational line for everything from now on. "This aint the pizza line! This is the make me some hamburger helper line!"

Keith Murphy said...


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