Thursday, September 08, 2011

Murph's RVTV Photo Album: Day 3 Madrid

More perfect weather as we reach Madrid. The deck at the Flat Tire, overlooking the bike trail, was a tough place to leave.
Murph & Andy Show live on the deck. No, I 'm not a Brewers fan, but that old school logo is sweet. Brewers should go back to it immediately and for good.

When you think Madrid, you think football. The logical place for the RVTV tour stop was the football field, and to our surprise, the folks in Madrid let us park and play right by the field, less than 48 hours to kickoff.

Only one person has cheesy smile. I'm just realizing I later met woman over my right shoulder at the Tiger Bowl. She's a Hawkeye fan who works at Iowa State. Wait, what?!
This gentleman told me he once won a car on WHO TV 13's Let's Go Bowling with Jim Zabel.

The Trestle Bridge lives up to the hype. Breathtaking in person.


Anonymous said...

Tommy Galetich!

Sue said...

Busted . . .thanks Murph! Hope you enjoyed the Tiger Bowl! :)