Friday, September 09, 2011

Murph's RVTV Photo Album: Day 5 Ames

Our friends at Fareway came and grilled out for us live at 5 and 6. Jamie Pollard ate a steak sandwich in one commercial break. Fareway meat is good.

The Ghostbusters wouldn't paint their car these colors, but we appreciate them pulling up for the 10 p.m. live and making a lot of noise. 
 The fire truck makes its fifth appearance at RVTV.
The ISU marching band also showed up for our Football Friday finale. Disappointingly, they didn't ask us to play. I wonder if they missed our promos. We love to jam.
 The batons on fire were fun until one landed on our camera cable. It didn't quite burn through the wire, and we managed to finish up with a flare.
The Iowa State ROTC ran the game ball from Iowa City to Ames. They timed it to arrive during the newscast at 18 hundred hours. Naturally, being military, they were right on time. We appreciate how welcome ISU has made us feel on RVTV.

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