Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hoiberg's First Assist, Barnstormer Buzz, Mother's Day Mystery

  • Fred Hoiberg made his first good coaching decision. He either encouraged Charles Boozer to transfer, or quickly accepted Boozer's decision. Either way, it was the right call. Hoiberg has enough goodwill built up that he could have suspended Boozer and still claimed character counts, but the police report on Boozer's arrest was ugly, and there's no place on Hoiberg's team for a player who (allegedly) pushed, slapped, and kicked a woman. Boozer says he'll seek treatment. I hope he does. Before Saturday, Charles had a stellar reputation.
  • Jim Walden is wrong. Most coaches won't root against Fred Hoiberg suceeding. The unique circumstances that make Hoiberg a chance worth taking at Iowa State won't suddenly make coaching experience irrellevant, even if Fred wins championships.
  • I'll be interested to see if the buzz returns for the Barnstormers after two straight wins. I thought the move up to the top level of arena football would have more people talking, and more fans in the stands.
  • The Pacific on HBO is brilliant, but it's not always easy to watch.
  • Mother's Day confuses me. I thought I needed to buy my mother a present. Now I'm hearing I need to buy my wife a present because she's a mother, my sister a present because she's a mother... where does it end?!


David said...

I have to admit Murph. I still harbor a lot of bad feelings towards the AFL for turning their backs on the DM market years ago. I'm not ready to trust it won't happen again.

Tim + Janice said...

Right on the Hoiberg call. The police report is damning, but I still think it is telling that Boozer says he has anger issues. That was usually reserved for pros calling for rehab.
I understand it being spelled "suceeding" at 12:16 am.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to buy a Mother's Day gift for your sister (unless you really want to). You get one for your Mom (self explanatory) and you get one for your wife because she's the mother to *your* kids. That's it. Not too bad! :)