Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wrestling with Mistakes, Shawn's Surprise, Taste the Taser

  • Des Moines' Montell Marion can't seem to stay out of trouble. Public intox, vandalism, and now worst of all, OWI. As Marion wrestled his way to a second place finish at the NCAA wrestling championships in March, he told our Shawn Terrell he was ready to put childish mistakes behind him and get on with being a man. Drunk driving is not what Montell had in mind. The University of Iowa has a three strikes and you're out policy (more info in Wednesday's Register). It will be interesting to see if Marion is out. He was not arrested for the 2009 vandalism, though he did admit to doing it.
  • Shawn Johnson knows how to make 8,000 screaming kids even louder: break news. Shawn announced at the Hy-Vee Hall "Exercise Your Character" rally that she's back to training at Chow's Gymnastics, and plans to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London. Good for her. It won't be easy. She's been away from competitive gymnastics for 20 months, she had reconstructive surgery on her knee a few months ago, and after growing several inches and aging two more years, she'll find the tumbling more challenging. Don't doubt her. Shawn's been so busy being a celebrity, we forget at one time she was the best gymnast on the planet, the world champ.
  • I think beyond the physical challenge---gymnasts peak in their mid teens---it will be difficult to give up all those treats Shawn finally tasted after years of going without. I'm talking about everything from junk food to hanging with friends to just doing nothing. When you're training for the Olympics, it takes an incredible amount of discipline and dedication. I couldn't do it. Shawn can.
  • Liang Chow is the man.
  • Shawn, Lolo, Keely (possibly) all headed for London. We should probably start planning early. Boss, are you reading this? My Visa is up to date.
  • Paddy O'Prado may not be a slacker after all. He says through an interpreter he's thinking of running in the Preakness. Way to go, Paddy! Now we have to wait and see if the Preakness is also on Andy's bucket list. Gosh, I hope not.
  • I just watched American Idol. Frank Sinatra wants his songs back.
  • Fans who run on the field in the middle of Major League Baseball games are fools who should feel the Taser if they're not quickly caught. I'll never forget seeing that Royals first base coach take a beating.
  • It's 12:30 a.m. I've got to start finishing these sooner! I still have to watch Parenthood.

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Don't tase me bro! Sorry, had to go there. :)