Friday, May 07, 2010

McCaffery Undefeated at Iowa, Teri Hatcher Spectacular, Middle-Aged Men in Jerseys

  • Fran McCaffery has fired up Hawkeye fans more in three months than Todd Lickliter did in three years. Des Moines County I-Club fans gave McCaffery several standing ovations at their event Thursday night, and most hadn't heard of McCaffery before March. It was a record crowd, which again proves how hungry Hawk fans are to see some winning. McCaffery pushed all the right buttons, including saying Iowa won't play slow, which is another way of saying Iowa won't play Lickliter-style. All told, the night proved Iowa A.D. Gary Barta was right to make a change. Fans pay the bills.
  • Who is the all-time NFL draft bust? Overall #1 Jamarcus Russell belongs in the conversation. Oakland ignored the buzz on Russell, that he was lazy and disinterested, and bet their immediate future on him. Well, he turned out to be lazy and disinterested. The constantly overweight and underprepared Russelly won seven games in 3 years, which means the Raiders paid more than $5 million per win. Bust.
  • The Yankees and Red Sox resume the best rivalry in sports this weekend at glorious Fenway Park... but can they please SPEED UP! Good gosh, each pitch now takes longer than an at-bat used to. The games all push the four hour mark. That's too much, and they're losing the kids. The batter does not need to step out of the box and re-adjust his gloves, body armor, and cup every single pitch.
  • The umpire ejected Ryne Sandberg for arguing balls and strikes Thursday night. Good job, Ryno. It's good to see that fire. The way the I-Cubs are playing, it won't be the last time Ryno's run. The Cubs return to Des Moines this weekend, but Ed says you may need a space heater and blanket at Principal Park. Always allow for a 10 degree drop on the river.
  • Should off the field behavior cost you the Hall-of-Fame? Would you eject OJ and LT? I say no. Players are elected for what they did on the field, and their behavior while they represented the league. I've even flipped on Pete Rose over the years. I think it's time he was put in the Hall as a player, though I agree with Bob Costas: the plaque needs to tell how Rose was banned from baseball for gambling while managing the Reds.
  • Teri Hatcher will play in this year's Principal Charity Classic. Line of the day goes to Today in Iowa anchor, Pat Dix: "Her swing is real, and it's spectacular". (Seinfeld fans feel me.) The Pro-Am is June 2nd at Glen Oaks in West Des Moines.
  • Here's my ranking of the Pro-Am celebrities, the ones I remember, over the years in order of my personal "wow" reaction: 1) Michael J. Fox, icon. 2) Ron Livingston, an upset at #2, but when you've been in both Office Space and Band of Brothers, you're the man. 3) Rob Lowe, West Wing and About Last Night. 4) Teri Hatcher, Seinfeld guest. Don't care about the rest. 5) Jason Taylor. Football player. Yawn.
  • Anyone catch the midnight show of Iron Man 2? I loved Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. proved in Shelock Holmes he can make even an average movie seem better than it is (and who could forget him  heckling divers in Back to School). I expect Iron Man 2 is good, but will fall short of the original because they'll try to do more of everything. That's the sequel mistake.
  • Taylor Swift sold out Wells Fargo Arena Thursday night. I'm interested to hear how the show was. She's a major talent, though her voice has sounded thin in many live television appearances. (By the way, Kanye was inexcusably rude, but also right. Beyonce's video was better and more influential.)
  • Pella is a nice town right out of a simpler era, or is that just nostalgia tugging at me? I've only been to Tulip Time once, but I enjoyed it for a few minutes. I can't stare at flowers all day. Too cold this weekend. Hope the tulips survive the wind.
  • Andy and I are debating how old a man can be and get away with wearing a jersey. I think a classic baseball jersey can be worn throughout life. Football and hockey jerseys are more tricky. In general, they don't fit well because they were designed to go with pads, and you better only wear it to a game, if then. For goodness sakes, make sure you don't put your last name on a 49ers 16 jersey... that's for Montana only. Basketball jerseys are simply a no. No one wants to see the hairy shoulders of a 40-year old man. If you have to wear Bird's 33 or Magic's 32, a t-shirt underneath is a must, but the Patrick Ewing look stinks anyway, so why bother. Agree? Disagree?
  • We're moving into a new electronic home at channel 13. Within weeks, virtually everything you see coming out of our station will be in high definition, and if you read this blog on a regular basis, or watch SoundOFF, or listen to Murph & Andy, you know no one will be happier than me. I'm an HD snob. However, like anytime you renovate your home, or move into a new one, there is going to be some tinkering and troubleshooting. Please bear with us. Once our contruction is complete, you'll love your new HD news home.
  • Where's the Barnstormer buzz? Two straight wins, let's see if the fans show up 10,000+ strong for Saturday night's game.
  • Ever wonder what it's like to catch a home run at a Major League game? Wonder no more:

  • Have a great weekend. Don't forget, Chris Hassel and I will be Albia Saturday night at the Skean Block, raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Dinner at 6:30. Stop by if you can.

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brent said...

Hockey jerseys = ok.
Football = gameday only?
Basketball = never. Ever.