Thursday, May 06, 2010

Marion Strikes Out, Orr Floor, Metro Football

  • I expect to see Des Moines' Montell Marion wrestling at the NCAA championships again, but it won't be for the Iowa Hawkeyes. The University had no choice after Marion stepped it in again. I hope Montell finally learns. He's got an upside.
  • Fred Couples just helped the Principal Charity Classic sell a few thousand tickets. Couples is the player to beat.
  • Fran McCaffery keeps reminding Hawkeye fans of better times. That's smart. Hiring former star Ryan Bowen is the latest shrewd move by McCaffery.
  • Fred Hoiberg now has 10 players! That will make scrimmaging easier.
  • I'm told Iowa State is considering several different ways to honor the father of Hilton Magic, Johnny Orr, including the "Johnny Orr Floor". The Orr Floor is meeting surprising opposition from some influential people. Some boosters/alums/faculty think it's too much. Jamie Pollard met with Orr in January to discuss options.
  • Whatever way of honoring Orr is chosen, the timing is perfect. Two of his favorite players are now on Iowa State's coaching staff: Hoiberg and Jeff Grayer, both Cyclone legends. Orr coached Michigan to the national championship game and took the Iowa State job the same year (for money). That was a shot of Cyclone self-esteem.
  • There is no way to make someone who wasn't ever there understand what Hilton Magic was like in the 80's and 90's. Even mediocre Iowa State teams were virtually unbeatable at home, and the crowd could get so loud the rim would move and the floor would shake. Hilton Coliseum was one of the best home court advantages in America. Before Orr arrived, Hilton was empty, and ISU basketball had no identity. No wonder Hoiberg wants to bring back the Magic.
  • Carver-Hawkeye Arena used to rock too---though it was hard to remember at this year's wakes. Like Hoiberg, McCaffery has made it a priority to bring the noise. He wants CHA loud and proud. "Let's Be Mad Again" notwithstanding, Iowa basketball is again showing a pulse.
  • We had an interesting conversation on "Murph & Andy" with Des Moines Roosevelt football coach Guy Rosenberg and former Waterloo East coach, Mike Sheeley (who coached B-Ross). They're part of a group that started a Des Moines football league for junior high kids. Besides the kids having fun playing football, it's an effort to help the city schools catch up and keep up with the suburban schools. For more info, go to and check under the Des Moines Metro Youth Football headline.
  • I like the new lanes on Ingersoll. Seems more like a neighborhood and less like a highway.
  • Lady Gaga tries too hard.
  • Chris Hassel and I will be in Albia Saturday night at the Skean Block restaurant to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen fight against breast cancer. If you can, come see us.
  • I'm using the appearance---with an assist from the grandparents---to take the kids to the Honey Creek Resort water park. They love it. It's a beautiful place.
  • Don't forget Mother's Day. (this last note was to myself)


Geoff Wood said...

Speaking of Johnny Orr and Keith Murphy - be sure and check out this clip from 1991's The Johnny Orr Show hosted by Keith Murphy (linked via

Keith Murphy said...

Geoff, I'm not sure what's worse in that video, the hair or the double-breasted suit.

Meantime, Johnny looks the same.

Also, sweet XS sweater by Rod Bodholdt.

Joe Mahoney said...

I love Rod's sweater. I think he had that when we lived in Knapp House at Friley Hall. ;-)