Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Birthday dinner at the ER

  • After Wednesday's 6 p.m. news, I took a break from realignment overload to celebrate my mom's birthday. I was halfway to Woody's Smoke Shack when my wife called to say, "head to Mercy Hospital instead". My son Colin, who's 6, fell down the stairs on his way to the car. He fractured his elbow, which is extremely painful. In the ER room next to us was Governor Culver and his son. We exchanged ER stories, past and present. Both boys are now doing fine. Mom's birthday dinner moved to the Mercy McDonald's with a shirtless Colin sporting a new cast and a sling that looks like it was cut from one of my Dad's loud shirts.
  • While in the ER, I joked that I was surprised to find the Governor, but not the Big 12. Someone immediately snapped back with, "Check intensive care", another added, "Look in the morgue".
  • Been a long night. I need to end this early. Thank you for stopping by, and congrats to all the Blackhawk fans. Cubs, you're on the clock.


Renae D said...

Oh owie!! Poor kid! Hope he gets to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Get well to your son .He will be bounceing around soon , He is 6 and a boy. It's harder on mom and dad and grandma. Your the best Keith, all the best to you and the who family.