Friday, June 11, 2010

Conference Chaos, Hawk-Husker Hate, A-Team

  • Can you believe what we're seeing on a daily basis... checking every few minutes to see the latest rumor on which college team is going where. Mind-boggling.
  • Credit Colorado with being proactive, getting the jump on Baylor. The Buffs aren't a big player in all this, but they were the surprising first team to start the dominoes.
  • Nebraska hasn't even officially joined the Big Ten and we already have Cornhusker and Hawkeye fans spewing hate and smack on our radio show. The Nebraska - Iowa rivalry will get nasty, and great.
  • Even when/if Texas leaves the Big 12, don't write the obit. Whoever's left will try hard to hang on to the brand and find some way to keep it going. 
  • Is it pointless to fire Dan Beebe at this point?
  • Missouri wants out of the Big 12 in the worst way, but if no one wants Mizzou, it will have to stay, and the Big 12 is desperate enough to play nice.
  • I feel for Cyclone employees and fans. It's always worse when you feel you can't do anything. It's why parents are far more stressed watching their kids play a game than they were to play in one themselves. Still, Jamie Pollard is right. It's not the end of the world, and it's not over yet.
  • Pete Carroll, John Calipari is proud of how you got out of town just ahead of the posse. Nice.
  • Tom Izzo, call Tim Floyd before you take Cavs job.
  • I'm watching SportsCenter and Stuart Scott is YELLING AT ME.
  • I want to see the A-Team. There, I said it.
  • Colin is doing great. Thanks for your nice thoughts and emails. Besides, chicks dig casts.


The Rooster said...

I agree that Izzo should stay at MSU till he dies, but he's in a different situation than Floyd was. Izzo has 1 National Championship and 6 final fours, Floyd had zero. Izzo is 55 and is financially set for life, he cannot wait much longer is if he is going to step onto another stone. Floyd was 44 and was still climbing his second stepping stone.
If Izzo goes to the Cavs with Lebron (I guarantee that's a condition), then he has a much better chance of being successful than Floyd did. Even if he doesn't, he will probably walk away with 20 million or more and be 60 years old or close to it.
Izzo has nothing to lose. Floyd did, and well, he did. Izzo basically has nothing to lose but some pride. said...

ha! great pic