Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clayborn Forgets Iowa State, Ricky Loves Rocky

  • Great way for the College World Series to end a spectacular run at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha. South Carolina wins on a walk-off single in extra innings.
  • The hits just keep on coming for Iowa basketball. Sophomore forward Brennan Cougill didn't make grades.  He's transferring to Kirkwood and hopes to return to Iowa. Fran McCaffery sounds like that's no sure thing.
  • Shawn Terrell interviewed a bunch of Iowa football players Tuesday. Most Hawks are doing their best to convince us they're unaware of all the hype. Don't believe it. They know what's going on.
  • All-American Adrian Clayborn admits there's so much talk, he tries to stay in the house. Clayborn told the Des Moines Register, “It comes with being a Hawkeye football player. I mean we’re the only team in the state, as far as I know. And it comes with being us, I guess." It probably feels that way when you're a Hawkeye star in Iowa City, but the Cyclones won't care for the comment. If Clayborn plays the way he did in the Orange Bowl, he can get away with saying whatever he wants.
  • Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi loves Rocky IV. It is underrated. Essentially one long music video of training montages, but it could be used in an editing class. Apollo Creed dying, roided-up Drago saying "I will break you", Soviet citizens chanting "Rocky, Rocky", what's not to love.

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