Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Polls, Balls, and Mancards

Fanhouse.com (never heard of it before today) ranks the Iowa football team #2 in the nation in its "Post-Spring Top 25."  That's too high.  Everyone seems to be forgetting how much experience the Hawks have to replace on the offensive line.  Riley Reiff is another first-round pick in the making at left tackle, but after that, there are four question mark... beginning with Julian Vandervelde.  Can he regain his 2008 form?  Vandervelde missed most of fall camp in 2009 and never really caught up.

Adidas rolls out (pun intended) its new "Jabulani" ball just in time for the World Cup, and every soccer player north of Cape Town hates it.  How does that happen?  I openely admit I don't understand soccer, and don't really want to.   But I play golf.  And if I showed up to the first tee and was told I had to play 18 holes with a Lady Precept, I wouldn't be very happy about it.

So Keith pulled Hassel's mancard after Chris reluctantly went to see "Sex and the City II?"  First of all, I didn't realize Chris was still in possession of his mancard.  I assumed it was revoked somewhere around the time Chris first pranced around half-nude on SoundOFF.   Second of all, many of the of the nipples-exposed antics on SoundOFF are Keith's idea, so I find all this mancard talk just a bit ironic.

Teri Hatcher is playing in the Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am Wednesday morning, and if my background check comes back clean (fingers crossed), I'll be within a few feet of her.  Everyone seems to remember Hatcher from "Seinfeld" or "Lois and Clark," but I remember Hatcher fondly from her days playing "Penny Parker" on "MacGyver."  I miss that show.


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