Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Bugging Andy? We have an answer.

  • The bugs have their revenge. Andy was reporting live on the new bridge in downtown Des Moines when he swallowed a bug. You can't make it up. Andy tried to soldier on, but he just couldn't talk. Immediately the emails and texts started, "I know what's bugging Andy tonight..." Yes, it was on a tee. If you missed it, here it is. The bug's revenge starts at 1:40. http://www.whotv.com/videobeta/a47f9893-6270-4358-ae35-7479504dddbb/News/Flood-Watch
  • A few of our listeners on the Murph and Andy Show on KXnO, and viewers on the channel 13 news, misunderstood our discussion on disappointing crowds at the USA Track and Field National Championships. Drake did a great job, as expected; athletes, for the most part, raved; the fans who did show enjoyed world class competition. It's just many people, like Lolo Jones, expected a full house like we see Saturdays at the Drake Relays. That was probably not realistic. The Relays is as much about tradition and community pride as it is track and field. Plus, this week's event had to compete with I-Cubs, Barnstormers, Arts Festival, vacations, kids baseball & softball tournaments, etc. Still, Lolo worries the half-empty looking stadium on national TV could hurt Des Moines' ability to draw an Olympic Trials. It may, but Drake Stadium is bigger than comparable sites, and no one would should expect sellouts in a non-Olympic year. Drake and Des Moines did a great job.
  • Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs finally do something smart: get him some help. Hopefully, Big Z takes it seriously.
  • Is anyone watching Persons Unknown on NBC? This mind-bender is the best thing going on TV this summer. Well, next to Andy live.

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