Friday, June 18, 2010

Channel Changer, OJ's Run, Mullet Wars

  • Now that was a game 7. The Lakers won, but the Celtics went down swinging. Great final minute.
  • I'm glad the series is over just so we don't have to see more of Kobe Bryant's ridiculous post-game news conferences. Kobe is great. One of the all time greats. But his calculated act grows tired fast.
  • Gotta love Ron Artest, who came up big at crunch time. Artest thanked  his 'hood and his psychiatrist.
  • Kudos to ABC's Doris Burke. Sideline/courtside reporting is an often thankless job, too often occupied by eye candy, but Burke asks thoughtful questions and actually listens to the answers. That's harder than it looks.
  • Can you believe that's the first game 7 Phil Jackson has ever coached in the finals? 11 rings, and that was the first. He's now 48-0 in series when his team wins the first game. The man is as good as he thinks he is.
  • I've been tired of the Staples, "WOW! THAT'S A GREAT PRICE!" commercial for a while, but  I've now reached the point where I'll change the channel for 30 seconds. I find it that annoying. What makes you change the channel? (I know. That's on a tee.)
  • I just watched the new ESPN documentary "June 17th, 1994". It's the day OJ Simpson wrote a suicide note, put a gun to his head, and threatened to kill himself in the back of a white Bronco driving slow on the highway while the Knicks and Rockets played game 5 of the NBA Finals. I was in Boston with my best friend, John. We had just finished John's wedding rehearsal and sat glued to the TV in a bar. Still hard to believe all those morons cheering OJ on like he was running from a defense, not an alleged double murder.
  • I loved watching OJ run the football. My dad took me to see him play, and he glided across the field like no one else. I even wore the OJ Spotbilts with the orange bottoms.
  • The enitre OJ trial saga still makes me mad and sad. I hate the way it created a racial divide.
  • IndyCar drivers are the most accomodating and friendly professional athletes I've ever been around.
  • Phil Mickelson became my favorite golfer the moment he pulled up to the Krisp Kreme drive-through wearing his green Masters jacket.
  • Still not into the World Cup, but trying.
  • Fred Hoiberg has 0 wins as a D1 coach. Bobby Lutz has 399. Hoiberg just hired exactly who he needs in an assistant. Part of being successful is knowing when you need help, and Fred is making all the right moves. He'll need to learn fast with the two easiest teams to beat in the Big 12 leaving soon.
  • 47 year old pitcher Jamie Moyer just beat the Yankees. That means I'm still young enough to pitch in the Major Leagues!
  • Sanford in Ames emails that Nebraska joining the Big Ten means there's no possibility of a Cornhusker Network. Sanford says we'll miss out on these shows: 1. Extreme Home Trailer Makeover 2. Cops: The Lawrence Phillips Years 3. Mullet Wars 4. Pimp My Pinto 5. Bridezillas: I Married My Cousin Edition.
  • The SoundOFF video here on of Cornhusker fan Cooter Ray Cornhowler (pronounced corn-hole-er) is approaching 25,000 views.
  • Congratulations to Iowa's Gayle Blevins on a hall of fame career.
  • The Fort Dodge Flash, Lisa Koll, wins a new honor seemingly every day. Good. She's what a student-athlete should be.
  • I can't wait to see Toy Story 3.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still a fan of "Jorts Wars"...I'd watch that