Monday, June 28, 2010

Hold the Oil, Stinky Tourists, Movie Reviews

  • It's good to be back from a "trip" to Florida. As you parents know, with kids,  it's a trip. No kids, and it's a vacation.
  • We went to Daytona Beach. It was more crowded than previous years because so many people had to switch coasts due to the oil. Sad.
  • It felt about 110 degrees in Orlando, which made the airport security checkpoint a real stinkfest. Tourists removing shoes in those conditions is just awful.
  • I like flying Allegiant Air, but I still can't get used to the flight attendants working so hard to sell drinks, food, and souvenirs.
  • We visited the Kennedy Space Center, and I loved it, as always. I've always found space travel and astronauts fascinting, but these days it seems a little like visiting a beeper store.
  • Loved seeing Drake Stadium on national TV, but wish there were more people in the seats. I knew attendance was down when Lolo Jones sent a tweet asking for more people to show up and represent. Drake did a great job, just a lot going on in late June.
  • Want to see a sellout? The NCAA Wrestling Championships belong in Iowa, and it's great to learn the tournament is coming in 2013. It won't be the last time.
  • I saw three movies on vacation. Toy Story 3 is fantastic. Hard to live up to the quality of the first two Toy Storys, and 3 may have surpassed them. Michael Keaton steals the show as Ken. Karate Kid is very entertaining. It's a little hard to see a 12 year old getting beat up, but Jaden Smith does his parents proud, and Jackie Chan shows depth I never knew he had. China is also a star. Too long, but a real crowd-please. Grown Ups was disappointing. I enjoy Adam Sandler movies, but this one isn't that funny. It's mindless, sophomoric fun if you need to pass 90 minutes, but I suspect the actors had more fun making Grown Ups than you will watching it.  

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